Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Norwegian police cut to 76 victims in the twin bombings

Oslo. .- The Norwegian police today revised downward the total number of victims of the twin bombings occurred last Friday. While so far estimated at 93 fatalities, the security forces have reduced the number to 76 because, as mentioned, the difficulty in collecting the information coming from the island of Utoya, where the most deadly was.

Specifically, the Norwegian police on Monday has reduced from 86 to 68 the number of people killed by gunfire from the island of Utoya and raised seven to eight the number of fatalities in the bomb attack against the registered office Government in Oslo, which reduces from 93 to 76 the definitive statement of the dead, reports the BBC.

Police spokesman, Sveinung Sponheim, warned at a press conference that this balance can not be definitive yet, since they are still looking for possible victims in the island taken so far missing. In this regard, declined to estimate the actual number of possible missing, to avoid "confusion" in a "very dramatic".

The gap between today and the balance amount of 93 victims who gave so far is added, the "difficult circumstances" in which they have been doing rescue work, thereby attempting to step out of the growing criticism are receiving the security forces for their response to the crisis. The director of the Norwegian Police, Øystein Mæland, also justified the delay figures provided by the security forces.

"On Friday there was confusion in Utøya. That is perhaps why the numbers then are different from those we now. The confusion could lead some people were counted more than once," he argued Mæland. He added that the police were pressured to give a more realistic figure to the media on Friday night, because the numbers are shuffled in public were too low.

"We feel that the numbers were slightly higher," he added. Finally he said that once completed the investigation into the attacks on Friday, police initiated an internal investigation to examine whether there were actions "that could have been done better." Another official spokesman, however, reiterated at a news conference that the agents "came to the island as fast as possible" and tried to downplay the controversy over the decision of the security forces to approach the island by land and sea instead of using a helicopter.

The alleged perpetrator of the double attack, Anders Breivik Behring, acknowledged today in his first appearance before a magistrate responsibility for the killing and said his aim was "to punish the Social" with "import" Muslims. "The detainee said (in court) to carry out these attacks need to save Western Europe from Norway and the Muslims and the cultural Marxism," said a spokeswoman for the Oslo District Court to the media after the arraignment before Judge instructor.

Breivik explained that his action was intended to "limit" the potential future Labour Party (PA) Norwegian to power, as well as sending a "strong signal" that "can not be misunderstood." Also, the alleged perpetrator of the attacks said in his first court appearance, behind closed doors, which has "two cell" in your organization, said the judge.

The suspect and so far only person arrested in connection with the double attack admitted to the judge have placed the car bomb in the government district of Oslo and have shot, just two hours later, over a hundred young people from Utøya Island.

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