Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Circassian genocide claim their own

The Jewish Holocaust, the Armenian genocide hotly contested ... This blacklist of humanity is adding another crime, much older than the other two, and most neglected: the extermination of 500,000 Circassians (or cherkesos) by the army of the Tsarist Empire in 1864 and the expulsion of 1.2 million, largely welcomed by the Ottoman Empire and now spread throughout the Middle East, Jordan to Bulgaria.

147 years ago the massacres, but Hamdan Cemiröz talk about them as if they happened yesterday. Member of the Board of the Federation of Caucasian, Cemiröz struggle to keep alive the ethnic identity of the Circassians in Turkey century and a half after leaving their land, higher still speak their language, the Circassian, a language unrelated to any other trunk.

On Saturday, a march of thousands of Circassians, dressed in their colorful fur hats, took to the streets of Istanbul to mark the anniversary of the expulsion, set on 21 May. Much of the claims of the Federation calls for recognition of the Caucasian community in Turkey: education in the mother tongue, a television channel, now the Turkish state broadcaster has only half an hour a day in Circassian, and the option of giving Caucasian children names.

Others date back to the source: "We want the right of return. Turkey and Russia should sign an agreement that allows us to return to the land of our ancestors, without losing our rights, "said Cemiröz. In addition, the Federation wants to increase Turkey's relations with three Russian autonomous republics that harbor most of the and a half million Circassians have survived in the northern flank of the Caucasus and returned there after the expulsion of 1864: Adigea, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia.

More controversial is another request: "We demand that Turkey recognize the republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia South, "both considered part of Georgia by the international community. Interestingly, the Parliament of Georgia passed a motion last week to recognize the Circassian genocide, in a clear gesture of hostility toward Russia, although it is clear that to succeed in attracting and their side of the Circassian diaspora.

Cemiröz rejects it: "During the massacres, Georgians supported the tsarist army, have some responsibility in the genocide and should apologize first. In addition, during the 1992 war with Abkhazia again committed the same atrocities, banned the tongue near the Circassian, and intellectuals killed ...", charged.

It is much more lenient with Russia: "Moscow has invited our president , Cihan Camden, to speak before the Duma (Parliament) and listen to our requests, but do not think it will come to recognize the genocide. Now they are a little worried about the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. "Sochi, a Black Sea coast, is in an area inhabited by Circassians.

With this quote, background, the Circassians have an excellent podium to be heard. Interestingly, its support for Abkhazia and South Ossetia the Ossetian language is not related to the Circassian, but in the diaspora, these two Caucasian peoples have been merged into a common identity, plays for Russia, the only country that recognizes the independence of these territories, apart from Nicaragua, Nauru and Venezuela.

And heir to the Empire that massacred the Circassians ...

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