Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Maoist guerrillas kept his pulse against the police in India

New Delhi .- Nine policemen were killed in an ambush by Maoist guerrillas in a wooded area of eastern India, official spokesmen reported today. Cited by the official news agency PTI, the sources said the incident occurred yesterday, when a detachment of ten policemen went to the border between the states of Orissa Chatisgarh and, after receiving reports that an insurgent group operating in the area.

The sources said when the policemen were returning from the mission on their vehicle hit a mine planted on the road by insurgents, and that nine officers were killed in the blast while the tenth remains missing. The Maoist rebels have their strongholds in the so-called "red belt" of India, a strip of territory in central and east, where they have training camps and seek the support of the peasantry to carry out an agrarian revolution.

The Maoist guerrillas has been declared the main threat to internal security of India for the current prime minister, Manmohan Singh, whose government earlier this year amounted to 1,169 fatalities recorded in 2010 in armed clashes between security forces and insurgents.

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