Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are confirmed DSK DNA on the shirt of the waitress at the hotel

DNA samples of Dominique Strauss-Kahn match the remains found in the jacket of the camera of the Sofitel New York denounced him for attempted rape. As he advanced NBC, citing sources close to the case, the forensic examination he was subjected to the former director of the IMF has "positive" and can be used as conclusive evidence by the prosecution.

DSK faces a sentence of up to 74 years in prison on seven counts of sexual assault. Police spokesman in New York, Paul J. Browne has not confirmed when the results of forensic examination, although it is expected that the announcement was made public in the coming hours, when the analysis is complete.

Hours after being arrested, charged with the attempted rape of Guinean immigrant in the luxury suite he occupied in the Sofitel, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was taken to Brooklyn Hospital where he was photographed naked, to see if there were scratches or samples violence, and where we took samples for DNA testing.

The alleged victim went through the same "forensic examination" to determine the possible existence of traces of their DNA into the body of the attacker. The test is often the case in crimes of rape or sexual assault. "I deny in the strongest possible terms all the allegations made against me," Strauss-Kahn wrote in his letter of resignation as director of the IMF.

His lawyers reiterated this weekend that the defendant "show and prove his innocence exonerated." DSK was released on bail and remains guarded 24 hours a day in an apartment in Lower Manhattan. His next appearance before the U.S. Justice will be on June 6, which is expected to plead "not guilty." As a possible strategy the defense intends to argue that there was sexual contact with the victim but it was consensual.

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