Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Supreme Court requires California to reduce the prison population 40,000 prisoners

Washington. .- The United States Supreme Court today ordered California officials to reduce the 40,000 prisoners in state's prison population, estimated at about 147,000, to avoid overcrowding and improve health services. The court, which approved the measure by 5 votes to 4, established a period of two years to reduce the number of inmates in order to avoid the "violation of constitutional rights" of prisoners.

El Supremo dismissed the appeal and then-California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who asked for more time to comply with a federal order that imposed limiting the prison population. The option to shuffle the California authorities to enforce the court order includes the transfer of prisoners to prisons in the counties or other jurisdictions.

The Supreme Court considers that the situation in prisons in California are "below the levels of decency." Justice Anthony Kennedy, in the letter of the Court, states that "violations have persisted for years, and remain without being corrected." "For years, mental health care and medical care provided by California prisons have fallen below the minimum constitutional requirements and failed to meet basic health needs of prisoners," said Kennedy.

According to data from last November in California's 33 prisons were about 147,000 inmates, and the Supreme Court ordered that the prison population reduced to 110,000.

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