Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OPERATIONS - The age of the webcam

In early April, reports the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper, a police raid on a house of more mundane Consolación City, north of the island of Cebu, has led to the arrest of a Dutch and four Filipinos forced girls - usually young - to feed the fantasies of sexual voyeurs posted behind their computer screens to thousands of miles away.

Men are also taking obscene poses, were strip-tease, or involved in real sex for pay extremely low: about ten or twenty euros every fortnight. This police action is not a first, far from it. The Philippines, known for prostitution widespread, affecting mostly young children have very early been a perfect place for those networks that use Internet: endemic poverty and a population experiencing a few bits of English.

If cybersex is not new in the Philippines, he is in Vietnam, according to Tuoi Tre journalists who conducted the survey. "Show me your body and got my money back": this is the invitation to young girls on internet forums, most often by speakers located in the United States and their victims with promises of financial returns pretty.

They also rely on on-site recruiters who go in search of easy prey. The daily Ho Chi Minh City, no less than ten networks are now at work in this city alone.

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