Friday, June 10, 2011

Tarek Aziz wants to die

"My father can not move or talk and has serious difficulty in feeding." Are the words of Ziad, son of former foreign minister and deputy prime minister of Saddam Hussein, Tarek Aziz, imprisoned since 2003, reports French daily Le Figaro. The family of former minister is outraged by the silence maintained by the Iraqi authorities on this case: "Two weeks ago, my mother and my sister came to Baghdad to visit, without success.

The Deputy Minister of Justice no longer responds to telephone calls ". Tarek Aziz, known as' the friendly face of the regime "was sentenced to death by hanging for his connection with the purification of the religious parties and also has two convictions for their involvement in extrajudicial killings and forced displacement of Kurds.

More than three months after confirmation of their sentence, the former deputy prime minister launched a desperate plea. Due to his poor health has deteriorated sharply in recent weeks, has appealed for their immediate execution or release so you can access the care they need. This petition has been filed by the accused near on several occasions.

They argue that in the last year has been the victim of 10 heart attacks and that Aziz has expressed his rejection to die in prison. The government rejected this demand.

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