Friday, June 10, 2011

Accession 2013: Croatia expects EU yes

Croatia trusts on Friday to receive a positive decision on the conclusion of the last six years of accession negotiations with the European Union. It is expected that the EU Commission will present a draft to the outstanding four chapters, the EU Council on 23 to accept June.

The entry date is the 1st July 2013 provided. Pending the outcome of the ratification process in all 27 member countries but Croatia is a monitoring process to be subjected. A proposal was submitted by agreement with Germany of France. Zagreb had a choice to submit to the unpopular monitoring, or to accept a continuation of the negotiations for an indefinite period into account.

It was clear that the conservative government of Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor would opt for the monitoring. She would continue to lose credibility among citizens of Croatia, should you not be able to name a date for EU accession. The Franco-German proposal has a good chance of being accepted into the EU.

So far, each focused on the question of Croatia's EU accession over two positions. Some countries, including Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy and more recently Slovenia, advocated a "political solution", that is, for as soon as possible without recording particularly careful monitoring of the actual accession readiness.

In some other countries, especially in Holland, Great Britain and Denmark, however, outweighed the doubts as to whether the assurances of the government in Zagreb, have met all requirements, a check was held. As previously announced, finally, the Croats had already Romanians and Bulgarians before accession, that the implemented reforms "irreversible" were.

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