Friday, June 10, 2011

A video shows a teenager tortured and killed in Syria

Barcelona (Editorial) .- The repression of Syrian President Bashar Assad is not only directed at opponents adults but also adolescents. The situation in Syria is deteriorating over time and the violation of human rights is beginning to uncover every day with images that the Syrians are getting to reaching the international community.

One recent example is the video, which has had access channel Al Jazeera, which sees the lifeless body of a young Syrian, whose mortal wounds show he was tortured to death, as reported by El Mundo. is. The young man, Thamer Sahri, only 15, was arrested last April for participating in demonstrations against the regime of Bashar Assad.

The images show the gunshot wounds of the small, the loss of an eye, several teeth, neck and leg broken .. . The teenager was arrested with his friend of 13 years Hamza Khatib, the boy whose brutal death caused a strong buzz throughout the world. Khatib was also maimed and became the symbol of the barbarity of the hosts of Asad.

Hundreds of residents of the Syrian people filled the streets Jeez occasion Sahri Thamer's funeral last Wednesday, when the parents received the corpse of his son. It had been six weeks since his disappearance.

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