Friday, June 10, 2011

Gunmen murder at a wedding nine people in Afghanistan

Kabul .- A group of armed men burst into the early hours of Thursday at a wedding in eastern Afghanistan and killed nine people attended the event and wounding five, an official source. The incident occurred at 1.00 local time, when unknown gunmen opened fire during the celebration, in Dur Baba district in eastern Nangarhar province, said district spokesman for the governor, Abdul Ahmad Zia.

The source said the wedding hosts keep a very close relationship with local authorities but said that the perpetrators of the attack have not been identified. "Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack and police investigations continue its course," he said. Taliban groups have increased in recent weeks their attacks on Afghan authorities and their surroundings as part of its strategy to pressure the government in Kabul.

The insurgent activity is very active in parts of the province of Nangarhar, in its armed struggle against the military forces of the Afghan and international coalition of US-led NATO.

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