Friday, June 10, 2011

Japanese Prime Minister wants to stay until August

 The Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, today expressed his hope to stay until August despite growing pressure to resign immediately, while increasing rumors about candidates to succeed him. NHK public television said, Khan made the remarks before a committee of the House, where last week passed a motion of censure tabled by the opposition supports obtained through at the last minute.

In exchange for these backups, the prime minister, who took office a year ago, pledged to leave office once channeled the crisis triggered by the earthquake of March 11, without specifying a date. Embattled by calls to resign immediately, Khan insisted today on the need to find housing for about 100,000 people are evacuated, as well as to collect debris from the affected areas and monitor the situation in the Fukushima nuclear plant .

He explained that the Government aims to clear debris from residential areas by the end of August and stressed that it is your responsibility to coordinate this task. The Executive Kan also attempts to those affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami nearly three months ago are settled in temporary housing by mid-August, according to NHK.

Both the opposition and some members of the ruling Democratic Party (PD) have strongly criticized the management of the crisis by the Prime Minister and insist they must resign when a bill passed key to the reconstruction of affected areas, which could happen next week.

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