Thursday, April 28, 2011

Attack the main gas pipeline from Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula

Cairo .- An explosion occurred early Thursday in the main gas pipeline from Egypt, used to export gas to other countries in the area and located south of the city of Al Arish in the Sinai Peninsula. The official news agency MENA reported that the explosion caused a fire and the flames reached a height of twenty meters.

The Armed Forces have moved to the scene, but could not extinguish the fire so far, added the sources. The witnesses told MENA that they heard a huge explosion early this morning and then saw a column of smoke coming out of the pipeline, located in the Al Sabil. In the place where the event is a set of pipelines from the Mediterranean Sea and is heading towards major facilities to export gas to other countries.

On February 5, in full Egyptian revolution, there was a similar explosion in one of the main pipeline that connects Al Arish to Israel and Jordan. At the moment it is unknown whether the object through an explosion today is the same that was attacked last February, and if the explosion was due to an act of sabotage or an accident.

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