Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clashes between Roma and neo-Nazi

Four people were injured, one seriously, in a fight between a group of Gypsies and right-wing neighbors in a village in northeastern Hungary, where paramilitary groups organize marches intimidating for days, in a further escalation of tension generated by groups radicals as reported to police. Three of the injured belong to extremist groups, including the one who suffered more serious injuries that kept him hospitalized, while the fourth is a gypsy.

The clash took place in the town of Gyöngyöspata between Gypsy neighbors and members of the paramilitary organization Vedera (Defence Force). Bálint Soltész police spokesman told state television that so far "have not clarified the details of the confrontation." Police have deployed hundreds of agents in the town to prevent further incidents and arrested eight people.

The fight is a further increase in tension that exists in several locations in the east where Roma live and where patrols are frequent marches and other radical much larger organization, known as the "Guardia Civil for a Better Future" . This band, linked to extreme right party Jobbik (with a 15% representation in Parliament), brings together several former members of the outlawed Hungarian Guard.

The "Guardia Civil" has intensified in recent days his marches and patrols, sometimes carrying axes and whips, by the people of the area, he argues, to combat crime blamed on the Roma. The president of the NGO Fundamental Liberties Union (TASZ), Balázs Dénes, Efe said that the confrontation is the result last night that police "are not taken seriously, for years, hate crimes ".

The Hungarian government last week approved a decree to prevent such self-defense gear trying to replace the functions of police and judges. The Roma minority is at least 5% of the 10 million Hungarians, and the majority of the members of this community live in the less developed regions of the country, stricken by poverty and high unemployment.

Between 2008 and 2009, six Gypsies were killed in different villages in the country. Last March, the trial against the four defendants, radical right but without known links with any organization. The resurgence of the activities of the extreme right against this ethnic minority occur in the middle of the Hungarian Presidency of the European Union, which has just marked the integration of the Roma as a priority.

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