Thursday, April 28, 2011

MEXICO - Civil society can no longer

The brutal murder of my son and those of Juan Francisco Romero Julio Cesar Jaime, Luis Antonio Romero and Gabriel Jaime Escalera Anejo [found dead, their hands bound and with signs of torture on March 28] in addition to the long list of these young men and young girls killed in the four corners of our country.

Not only is the war launched by the Calderón government [December 2006] against organized crime that has killed, but also the heart of a rotten political class misnamed and has lost all sense of honor. We have over your head, policies - and when I say political, I do not think any responsible individual, but to much of you, including those that make up parties.

Because in your struggles for power, you have torn the fabric of the nation. In the midst of this war badly managed, poorly made, poorly directed, this war has put the country in a state of emergency, you have been unable to create the consensus that the country needs to achieve the unity without which no 'there is no way out: your pettiness, your fights and your ridiculous rivalries went first.

We fed up because the corruption of judicial institutions results in complicity with criminals and encourages impunity. We have more than enough because with this corruption that signs the failure of the authorities, every citizen of our country is reduced to what philosopher Giorgio Agamben calls, using a Greek word zoe: Life unprotected, life of an animal, a being that can sequester, assaulted, murdered with impunity.

We have so far because, in this country, there remains more imaginative than violence, for weapons, for the insult, which is associated with a profound contempt for education, culture , honest work and what makes good nations. We have so far because that because of this lack of imagination our youth, our children are murdered, and then falsely accused of being involved in crime.

We have more than enough because another segment of our youth, lack of a policy worthy of the name, can not receive a proper education, decent work and, relegated to the margins, they become recruits of choice for organized crime and violence. We have so far because of all this only because the citizens have lost confidence in those who govern them, in their police and army, because they are afraid and they are suffering.

We have so far because all that matters to politicians, even beyond the power of powerless, reduced to the management of evil is money, spurred by competition from them, their fucking "competitiveness" and consumerism, which are never that other names of the violence. We have so far from you, criminals, your violence, your shame, your cruelty, your foolishness.

There was a time when you had the sense of honor. You were not so cruel in your payments account, you do not take either citizens or their families. But now you're out the difference between criminals and citizens. This violence can not be named, because even the pain and suffering it causes have no name or meaning.

You have lost the dignity in the murder. You have become cowards, you're no better than the Nazis who murdered Sonderkommandos inhumanity in all young people, girls, women, men and elders, that is to say innocent people. We have so far because your violence has become inhuman, not even animal - animals would never do what you do - but stupid, demonic.

We have so far because the lust for power and enrichment will take you to humiliate our children, to crush them. You do not leave in your wake as the fear and terror. You "gentlemen" policies, and you, "gentlemen" criminals - I use quotes because this designation applies only honorable people - with your missing, your bickering, your actions, you have dishonored the nation.

The death of my son Juan Francisco has attracted an outpouring of solidarity and a cry of outrage from citizens and media, including my family and I are deeply grateful. Such indignation is once again ringing in our ears just that if this formula Martí addressed to governments: "If you can not, resign." After all the thousands of corpses, anonymous to many of them, we leave behind us, so many innocent people killed and degraded, it is now large mobilization policies that require citizens to work together on an agenda that brings together nation and creates a true state of governance.

If you "gentlemen" policies do not govern well and does not understand that we live in a state of national emergency that requires you to unity, you will eventually rule over a pile of bones and a company of frightened people, destroyed their souls. There is no life without peace and without persuasion, "wrote Albert Camus, and Mexico now knows that bullying, pain, mistrust, fear that one day a son or daughter of a Another family is disgraced and murdered.

We can not accept, as is already the case today, that death is only a matter of statistics that we should all get used. It is high time to restore dignity to our country.

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