Thursday, April 28, 2011

Killed six NATO soldiers at an air base in Kabul

Kabul .- Six NATO soldiers were killed because of gunfire from a man in uniform of Afghan army at a military airbase adjacent to Kabul International Airport, various official sources reported. A spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) told Reuters that six members of this organization were killed in the shooting, but declined to provide details about their nationality, a prerogative that belongs-according to the source- each country concerned.

The Defense Ministry spokesman in Afghanistan, Zahir Azimi, told Efe that the attack was carried out by a man dressed in Afghan army uniforms, opened fire on foreign and Afghan soldiers. In addition to death six foreign military, shooting the attacker wounded two Afghan soldiers, according to Azimi.

The incident occurred around 11.00 pm (06.30 GMT) at a military air base near Kabul International Airport, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Defence. "There was a dispute between an Air Force pilot Afghan and foreign troops led to a shooting that caused several deaths and injuries," said the Ministry, according to the note.

According to Afghan television channel "Tolo", the attacker also was killed, but government forces consulted by Efe did not confirm this. Speaking to EFE, Mujahid Zabiulah Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the action to the insurgency and said the attacker had worked in that air base.

"One of our fighters who had previously worked at the air base in Kabul have been attacked by foreign troops and Afghan and foreign soldiers have died," Mujahid said. Attacks by insurgents disguised in uniforms of the security forces are common in the Central Asian country.

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