Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The nuclear crisis sinks TEPCO by losses of 5,200 million

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), which owns the plant in Fukushima, lost nearly 5,200 million euros between April and June by the nuclear crisis, only in victim compensation bill has passed at least 3,600 million euros. The company today announced results for the three months immediately following the devastating tsunami of March, which broke out in Fukushima's worst nuclear accident in the last 25 years and put on the ropes TEPCO, the largest electric utility in the country and the only one that provides energy to Tokyo.

The sale of electricity between April and June shrank 12.1 percent year on year to 60,200 million kilowatts, before the Japanese efforts to reduce consumption and to meet energy shortages caused by the disaster of March. Over 70 percent of the 54 nuclear reactors of the third world economy is paralyzed due to the nuclear crisis, which has led the government to ask citizens and companies from various regions that save up to 15 percent of electricity this summer to ensure supply.

With a view to partially compensate for this shortage, TEPCO increased production of its thermal plants and this, together with increased fuel prices, resulted in an increase in recurrent expenditure by 1.7 percent between April and June. This quarter the electricity suffered an operating loss of 52,000 million yen (472.9 million euros), compared with operating profit of 62,800 million yen (571 million) achieved the previous year.

The group's president, Toshio Nishizawa, appointed in late June after the resignation of his predecessor by the nuclear catastrophe, warned that uncertainty still exists that prevents make predictions on the final bill will go to the electrical crisis. Although analysts do not rule out that eventually the Government to intervene to rescue her, Nishizawa said the company will try to cover the costs with their own means, through a plan to sell off assets and reduce costs.

Last week parliament passed a law creating a fund financed with public money and contributions from other Japanese utilities that operate nuclear plants to support a TEPCO when to liquidate trade-offs, loans that electricity must be returned in future . Compensation will in large part to the nearly 80,000 families that the days following the disaster had to be evacuated within a radius of up to 30 kilometers from the nuclear plant, where the struggle to control the radioactivity is still open.

Today, government sources quoted by the local agency Kyodo said that this month could be lifted evacuation orders in some areas beyond the 20 kilometers of the plant. In addition, the sources said the government would allow residents living within 3 kilometers of the plant to return to their homes temporarily to collect their belongings, something that allowed the residents of remote areas.

The displaced are added millionaires damage caused by the nuclear disaster in agriculture, livestock and fisheries in the area, amid growing concern over food contamination. In recent weeks the government has banned the sale of beef from Fukushima and three other provinces after detecting radioactive cesium in it.

Today, the environmental group Greenpeace warned that have also detected high levels of radiocaesium in fish caught in late July in waters about 55 kilometers from the plant, and requested the Government to tighten controls on marine products.

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