Thursday, August 11, 2011

Police announced over 800 arrests following the death of three people

A total of 805 people have been arrested in London because of the wave of street violence and looting that began on Saturday in the neighborhood of Tottenham, Scotland Yard said today. The Metropolitan Police said 251 of those arrested have been charged. British Interior Minister, Theresa May, has ordered the suspension of permits for all stakeholders to tackle public disorder in several cities in England, who met his fourth consecutive night yesterday.

"Set the maximum number of police on the streets should be a priority" in the affected areas, said May during a meeting with police commanders. In addition to London, where there were three nights of rioting until the 16,000 police were deployed Tuesday in the streets, the violence has affected other cities in England such as Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool, particularly during the day yesterday.

In Birmingham, three Muslims of Asian origin 21, 30 and 31 years, including two brothers, died after being hit by a car while trying to prevent looting in the shops, witnesses said. A 32 year old man was arrested and is being investigated by police on suspicion of murder, while local leaders warned of the risk of a clash between communities of different races in that city.

During a visit to Birmingham, the British prime minister, David Cameron, today described as "terrible" death of three young men, while the younger one's father, Tariq Jahan, called for calm and demanded an end to violence. "It's not a matter of race. I lost my son. Blacks, Asians and whites, we all live in the same community," he said.

Moreover, 113 arrests were carried out last night in the Manchester area, 50 in Liverpool and 163 in West Midlands, 109 of them in Birmingham.

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