Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cameron: We will try to restore order

Prime Minister David Cameron explained that they have suspended all permits to the police because "we need more, more agents" and "we will work to restore order." In all, 16,000 officers on the streets starting tonight, 10,000 more than in recent days. Cameron was speaking after meeting Interior Minister and police officials, in which images of violence described as "disgusting scenes." "It is outright criminal and must be confronted and defeated," he emphasized, reports Reuters.

He has also praised the bravery of the police but ended up asking for "more forceful actions." "People should have no doubt that we will do everything necessary to restore order in the streets of Britain." The British leader was forceful in to warn that he and his government "are determined to do justice" and that "those responsible for these disturbances feel the full weight of law." British Prime Minister has not had the need to explain much about the theft and looting that have occurred since "all have seen on television," but insisted that those responsible "will be confronted and defeated." Cameron has confirmed that the British Parliament will meet on Thursday in an emergency session, "among all able to recover the spirit of community" and "restore order".

He promised that police and government were "on the side of law-abiding people who are horrified by what they saw in their own communities"

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