Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A man of 26 years, first fatality of the riots in London

London. .- A man aged 26 died after being shot Monday during violent incidents in the suburb of Croydon in London, according to Scotland Yard. This is the first fatality of the riots that began in London on Saturday night and those who have been detained some 525 people, a hundred of them charged. The man was shot when he was in a car, but for now unknown details of the event.

Nearly 80 police officers were injured during the three nights, in which there have been riots in London and Scotland Yard stressed that the rioters directed their violence directed against them. Among civilians, injured 14 people yesterday, including a 60 year old man with serious head injuries.

Is expected in the coming days will increase the number of detainees through the recordings of video surveillance cameras installed in the streets of London. The head of Scotland Yard said Tom Morgan will pursue those who have participated in the vandalism and have not yet been arrested.

The police officers said that the riots are still a challenge for police resources to an extent never seen before. Faced with increasing demand for greater firmness against the rioters, police said they could consider using rubber bullets.

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