Thursday, June 9, 2011

U.S. withdraw 30,000 troops in Afghanistan next year

The United States is considering removing the end of next year to 30,000 troops with which reinforced its military presence in Afghanistan and in that case, Britain could accelerate the departure of its troops, according to The Times. According to British sources quoted by the newspaper, the UK forces stationed in the Asian country should be reduced more than the 450 soldiers announced by the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Therefore, Britain will accelerate their plans out of Afghanistan if the U.S. goes ahead and "the most important is to see that we do this in concert with the Americans," the newspaper said a British government official. In an article published in the same journal, Sherard Coper-Cowles, British special exenviado Afghanistan and Pakistan, insists that his Government should insist on repatriation to their troops faster than they want some generals.

"If we are serious to talk to stabilize Afghanistan, the sooner there stop firing those responsible for it, the better, "writes the diplomat." The question to be decided is the timing of exit from the reinforcement of 30,000 troops (U.S.), "said Lt. Gen. David Clay, former commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, also cited by The Times.

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