Thursday, June 9, 2011

The army confirmed that China is building its first aircraft carrier

Chinese Army Gen. Gen Chem Bindge has confirmed that the first aircraft carrier of its armed forces is under construction. He refused to reveal when you are ready, according to the 'BBC'. The vessel, 300 meters long, is a reworking of the Soviet model Varyag. It is being built at the port of Dalian in northeast China.

The carrier is nearing completion and is expected to sail later this year. However, no means to be operational by then. According to experts, learn to use it - by the sailors and pilots - can take several years. Lt. Gen. Gen Qi Jianguo said the "Hong Kong Commercial Daily said that the ship will not sail territorial waters of other countries.

"All major countries in the world have aircraft carriers, are symbols of a great nation," he said. China is locked in several disputes over maritime borders with several countries, including Vietnam and the Philippines. The Army of the Republic of China is the world's largest and usually kept in the strictest secrecy its defense program.

The ship was built in the 80's by the Soviet army, but never finished. When the Soviet Union collapsed, was forgotten in shipyards in Ukraine. A Chinese company with ties to the army, bought the Varyag with the excuse that he wanted to turn it into a floating casino in Macao.

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