Thursday, June 9, 2011

earthquake and tsunami in Japan led to the bankruptcy of 156 companies

The earthquake and ravaged tsunamique Japan on 11 March resulted in the bankruptcy of 156 companies to May, reported the consultancy Japan Tokyo Shoko. Last month 64 companies were declared bankrupt by the disaster, bringing to 156 the Nipponese companies in bankruptcy since March because of this.

That figure exceeds the 144 bankruptcies recorded after the great earthquake of Kobe in 1995, said Tokyo Soho. In total, along with those caused by the earthquake, bankruptcies rose in May by 4.89 percent over the same month of 2010, until 1071, which represents the first increase since July 2009.

The unpaid accrued bankrupt companies fell but in May a 23.72 percent to 252.67 billion yen (2.14 billion euros), the lowest in the last 20 years. The vast majority of bankruptcies, up 72.5 percent, affecting small and medium enterprises with a debt to below 100 million yen (849,473 euros), and among the hardest hit sectors was the services sector, according to the report.

The earthquake and tsunami of 11 March, which caused over 23,000 deaths and disappearances, were a serious setback for Japan's industry, many factories to halt and disrupt the supply chain.

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