Thursday, June 9, 2011

London and Paris presented today at a UN resolution condemning Syria

The UK and France will present on Wednesday a resolution in the Security Council of UN on Syria. The announcement was the British prime minister, David Cameron. The resolution condemned the repression of the Bashar Assad regime against the demonstrators. "Today, New York, the United Kingdom and France put on the table a resolution at the Security Council condemning the crackdown and calling for humanitarian access," said Cameron.

"If somebody votes against the resolution or veto it tries to rest on their conscience," added the 'premier' alluding to the possible opposition from Russia and China. Cameron recalled "credible reports say thousands of people dead and up to 10,000 detainees," which, in his view, is "totally unacceptable." "We must not remain silent", has ruled.

The British Foreign Minister had earlier British that his country was trying to "persuade other countries that the Security Council should debate" about the situation in Syria. "President Assad is losing its legitimacy. Must reform or leave," said Hague. European countries and the Security Council tried to make a statement of condemnation against Syria within the Security Council, but the initiative failed because of opposition from Russia, with China often oppose sanctions against third countries.

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