Thursday, June 9, 2011

BELGIUM - Antwerp placed on the MAS

I wrote a year ago already: "The tower of the new century is located in Antwerp. 65 meters high on Eilandje [the small island, in Flemish] where once the old port still smelled oil, wind blew the sails and produced metallic sounds. The Museum aan de Stroom [literally, the museum on the River], the MAS, in these modern times emphasizing the abbreviations and short messages.

Antwerp is not only a tower over She has created a phenomenon. An urban phenomenon. " I'm actually mad DSS. DSS can be used in my city as the symbol that is the Eiffel Tower, to better highlight Antwerp. On coffee cups, ice stick, or even in those hemispheres that are shaken to snow inside.

When we know that the architect [Willem-Jan Neutelings] requested a right to the image and it is Dutch, it proves that this form of marketing is profitable ... Read more on Presseurop. eu ...

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