Thursday, June 23, 2011

Papandreou gets vote of confidence from Parliament for new government

The new government of Prime Minister of Greece, the socialist YorgosPapandréu, today won the vote of confidence of the Hellenic Parliament, crucial to make progress on the adoption of new austerity measures and reforms to avoid bankruptcy. "They gave their vote of confidence from the Government 155 deputies, of the total 298 votes cast.

143 voted against," the president of the Hellenic Parliament, Philippi Pechálnikos, said . Before the start of the vote in the House open, Papandreou called for support "all" his government "to tackle the crisis effectively, avoid bankruptcy, to ensure that Greece remains at the core of the euro, its economy and security in the region.

" "Today, our partners give us a helping hand in difficult conditions and it is our responsibility first of all stand up," said the head of government after rejecting early elections as requested by the opposition. "The last thing the country needs today are early parliamentary elections," he said.

Now, the Hellenic Government should focus on getting the adoption in Parliament of a new package of austerity measures and reforms to reduce the huge deficit, 10.5 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), about 24,000 million euros, and pay its debt, which now exceeds 150 percent of GDP.

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