Thursday, June 23, 2011

Michelle Obama: Thanks to those who fought against apartheid am here as First Lady

Michelle has attended on Wednesday the legendary district of Soweto, the emblem of the struggle against apartheid, to pay tribute to all those who fought for freedom: "It is people like them I'm here as First Lady of the United States" he said. His discourse has revolved around the need to continue fighting for civil rights and end discrimination of any kind.
The first lady held a meeting on Tuesday with 74 South African young women chosen by the U.S. Embassy, which sent a message of confidence. How do you get to believe that her husband is in love, I asked one participant indiscreetly. She, with the surprising question, he laughed and replied: "A good man is happy with a strong woman.

I knew him before he was president. He accepted me with all my stuff and I him." Michelle Obama's tour and his two daughters will end on Thursday with another meeting expected in Cape Town together with the bishop and Nobel Peace Desmond Tutu.

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