Monday, June 13, 2011

Offensive of the Army: Syrian army occupied Jisr al Schoghur

A television image from Sunday shows Syrian soldiers in Jisr al Schoghur 13th June 2011 2011-06-13 11:14:10 The Syrian army is engaged on Sunday with more than 150 tanks in the town of Jisr al Schughur. Previously, allegedly fled every 50 000 inhabitants. On Monday, the number of refugees who arrived in Turkey in 5000 to more than 6800th In the Syrian-Turkish border region to more than 10,000 Syrian camp to quickly in case of danger to bring across the border to safety.

The Turkish Red Crescent is building a second camp for 9000 refugees. Near the Turkish border are no Syrian soldiers. An important group of activists in Syria said that has increased over the Pentecost weekend, the number of civilians killed since the protests began more than 1300th Early on Sunday morning began tanks and helicopter gunships to bomb Jisr al Schughur.

Then the soldiers marched from the south and east into the city. Helicopters circled over the city further. The Syrian state news agency Sana reported that the army had taken control of Jisr al Schughur and be in driving up the "remnants of the armed terrorist gangs in the forests and mountains".

Sana further disclosed that soldiers had discovered tombs, in which ten beheaded members of the security forces had been buried. Before the soldiers were marched into the city, they were eliminated on bridges and along the roads of explosives which would have been the "armed gangs" where appropriate.

In the city, but outside there was fierce fighting between army units and the "gangs," Sana reported further. The state television reported that the army had "cleaned armed groups," the hospital of the city. Among those members of "gangs" were killed and many were reportedly arrested, weapons were confiscated.

Refugee camp in Turkey near the border with Syria activists to leave their reports, despite the severe restrictions by the regime of the country and refugees who managed to escape to Turkey contradict these accounts. About Internet itself known as a Syrian Colonel Hussein Harmusch to speak of himself as a deserter.

He and other deserters from the army had made traps to slow their advance, he said. They had allowed all residents of Jisr al Schughur, leave the city before the start of the attack. Then Jisr al Schughur was a ghost town, deserted soldiers had only been in it. A Syrian human rights activist said several hundred deserters walked through the city.

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