Monday, June 13, 2011

Hoda Saber Iranian dissident dies after ten days on hunger strike

Iranian dissident and journalist Hoda Saber reads died today of a heart attack while on a hunger strike, reported news agency ISNA. Saber, 54, was on hunger strike for ten days to protest the suspicious death of another dissident, his partner Haleh Sahabi, during the funeral of his father Ezatollah Sahabi earlier this month.

Learn died in a Tehran hospital where he was transferred from Evin prison after suffering the attack. Her sister Hoda Saber Firuzeh confirmed his death after identifying the body, said ISNA. Knowing he was a member of a nationalist movement and was imprisoned after the June presidential elections in 2009, of which two years ago today, and opposition protests denouncing electoral fraud.

After Ezatollah and Haleh Sahabi, Saber is the third dissident who died in Iran this month.

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