Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Japan's 14 nuclear plants at risk stop

The governor of the prefecture of Fukui announced that it will not authorize the resumption of reactor maintenance shutdowns, if the central government does not clarify "the reasons which led to the recent closure of Hamaoka plant and other facilities in the state of the country.

"Located just south of Tokyo, Fukui pefettura houses 14 reactors that make the area more nuclearized in the world. Six of these are in fact stopped for scheduled maintenance or unplanned (Monjiu in fact there was an incident last August), while two others are to be stopped for checks in the summer.

"We want the government to clear action plan and a timetable to show people to help generate electricity in Japan," said Governor Issei Nishikawa. In early May, the Prime Minister Naoto Kan asked the Chubu Electric Power, one of ten regional operators active in the south of Tokyo, to suspend the operation of Hamaoka to test defenses against earthquakes and tsunamis.

The Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO), Japan's second-largest utility, which owns and operates eleven of the 14 reactors supplying electricity to Fukui and Osaka, has warned of blackouts by asking the cut consumption by 15% between July and September.

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