Monday, June 13, 2011

Assad sends tanks to crush the revolt in the Jisr Shughour

Syrian army tanks have entered the town of Jisr to Shughour, near the border with Turkey in the last movement to crush the revolts against the country's president, Bashar al-Assad. A total of 2,792 had crossed into Syria on Friday morning the Turkish border to escape the repression of the security forces of Al Asad.

"The tanks have arrived since the random shooting south of the city. People are still fleeing north," said one resident. The town is located in a strategic location in the mountains that link the city of Aleppo with the port of Latakia. The Syrian army began a military operation for days in the town, according to state television itself.

The Syrian government claimed that armed gangs had killed more than 120 security officers in Jisr to Shughur earlier this week. Damascus has refused entry to the country of most foreign correspondents, making it difficult to ascertain the veracity of the facts. For its part, Turkey has also restricted access of journalists to refugee camps "to protect their privacy."

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