Monday, June 13, 2011

CAUCASUS - Tbilisi recognizes the genocide of Circassians

On 20 May, the Georgian parliament has unanimously recognized the genocide of Circassians, mountain people of North Caucasus, the Russian Empire between 1763 and 1864 during the Russo-Caucasian. At the request of the Circassian diaspora [installed in Turkey, Syria, Jordan], and after a "scientific and historical analysis," Georgian MPs have held that "forced displacement and the physical extermination of 90% of the Circassians" constituted an act genocidal.

"Georgia is the first country in the world to recognize this genocide," says the news site Civil Georgia. "The Georgian politicians once again cede to the temptation to satisfy their own complex nationalists at the expense of other peoples," responded Konstantin Kossatchev, Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the Russian Duma.

He suspects the Georgian members to "pursue political goals, identifying Russia as the source of all evil people who served in the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union", reports the Russian news website Newsru. com.

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