Thursday, May 26, 2011

Washington and London will increase pressure on the Qaddafi regime

It was informal convey an image of the two leaders and strengthen their commitment to passing troops in Afghanistan. So the meeting with veterans and the efforts by the barbecue in the garden of Downing Street. An event that was used to compare the skills of Barack Obama and David Cameron on the grill and give photographers the nth symbol of friendship between two leaders from the beginning to emerge some personal chemistry.

There were veterans of the two countries. Some maimed in Iraq or Afghanistan and most of the hands of their wives. Of course, the event included cooks and waiters. But that did not stop Obama and Cameron will resist the image abusing the sausages and burgers. Both in shirtsleeves and without taking off the tie.

Their wives were supposed to comply with the rite sexist charge of distributing salads. But the images showed more awaiting the conversation with veteran guests, who appreciated the gesture from their tables in the garden. The U.S. president is visiting the State in Britain and after the barbecue staged a press conference with his British counterpart.

In it, Cameron said that London, with the help of Washington-is looking for "all options" to "increase the pressure" against the Libyan regime. Regarding the "Arab spring" but also the Middle-East issue that Obama has once again put in the front row after insisting on Palestinian-Israeli borders from 67 - U.S.

President announced that discussed in the G-8 how to promote democracy in the area. In turn, Bush said the Middle East peace is possible if both parties talk about and take "painful compromises" and rejected the "creation" of a Palestinian state via UN. For Obama, the request for recognition of a Palestinian state in the United Nations is an absolute "mistake." Obama also echoed the words of Cameron and urged the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi to give up power, and the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

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