Thursday, May 26, 2011

UNITED KINGDOM - The Windsor Are Forever

There are just over a hundred years, May 6, 1910, the crowned heads of Europe gathered in London to attend the coronation of George V, grandfather of Queen. Despite the magnificence of the ceremony, many observers were convinced that the scheme had featured no chance of holding up to the late twentieth century.

The playwright George Bernard Shaw saw the monarchy a "universal hallucination" of people who would soon disappear. H. G. Wells, novelist Progressive, estimated that the monarchy had as much chance of survival that "the Lama of Tibet is likely to become emperor of Earth." These predictions seemed perfectly reasonable.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, the old feudal monarchies of Europe were, absurd and totally cut off from the democratic spirit of their times. In addition, the sequence of events would soon confirm the vision of these critics of the monarchy. A few years after the coronation of George V, a good part of the great dynasties were [...] read more on Presseurop.

eu (The original article from the Daily Telegraph)

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