Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spanish police aborted the sale of military helicopters to Iran

Madrid - In a crackdown on illegal arms trafficking, Spanish security forces prevented the sale of nine combat helicopters Bell-212 to Iran and spare parts to that country so as to Venezuela, reported the general direction Police and Civil Guard in Madrid. In addition to seize the aircraft and parts, valued at 100 million euros (140 million dollars), the officers arrested the five Spanish entrepreneurs who wanted to conduct the sale and three Iranians who traveled to Spain to formalize the purchase.

The helicopters and equipment operated within the framework of the operation called "Nam" are controlled by the rules of both the EU and Spain and their export is prohibited by the UN. In the warehouses, owned by the business consortium of the Spanish prisoners, assembly and disassembly prepared prior to its sale and transfer to Iran and Venezuela and appeared to work under the legal cover aircraft repair activities.

Combat helicopter BELL-212, U.S. manufacturing, are intended for military transport troops and war material, develop a speed of 230 kilometers per hour and average range of 600 kilometers. The aircraft of this type are subject to control by the Community and Spanish legislation and its export is prohibited by the UN.

Spanish employers offer such aircraft in contravention of the rules governing such exports, how to account and interest permits regulating the Joint Board of Foreign Trade in Defence and Dual-Use The researchers met on arrival in Spain of Iranian buyers for completing the documentary and economic links with the Spanish businessmen and formalize the sale, so an operation was deployed for his arrest, reports EFE.

Of the 8 detainees, 5 have been in Madrid and 3 in Barcelona, all charged with crimes of possession and storage of weapons and contraband. Police have carried out 3 records craft Sabadell, Navas del Rey and a business office in Jerez de la Frontera. The operation, which was developed by members of the General Commissariat of Information, is still open.

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