Thursday, May 26, 2011

Strauss-Kahn reappears when moving to another apartment

The former managing director of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) has been moved from an apartment in Lower Manhattan and the luxurious New York's TriBeCa district, where he continued his house arrest under the supervision of an armed guard after his arrest for an alleged sexual assault.

According to data confirmed by the housing agency that owns the new home of DSK consulted by the editor of La Vanguardia. com, the monthly cost of the new home of Strauss-Kahn (4 rooms, a gym and three levels) is $ 50,000 per month (about 35,000 euros). The Frenchman, wearing a gray suit and blue shirt, came out of their home without handcuffs, but escorted by two security personnel and a security guard who is permanently stationed at the entrance of the new residence.

DSK take a brazelete for the police to always know his whereabouts, but have freedom of movement to move to New York. A sport utility vehicle has moved to its new home. This is a two-storey detached house with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen and a spacious loft in the form of games, as reported by one source close to the case, reports Reuters.

Strauss-Kahn may only leave the residence to appear before the judge, meet with their lawyers, medical exams and fulfill their religious obligations weekly. Last Friday, was released after paying bail of one million dollars (709,984 euros) and a security deposit of five million (3.5 million).

Previously, he spent four nights at Rikers Island prison on charges of attempting to rape one of the employees of the hotel where he was staying in New York.

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