Thursday, May 26, 2011

Premieres in the Bundestag: presented some

More local: Chancellor Merkel and Minister of Economy Rösler 26th May 2011 2011-05-26 16:52:53 terms is the condition of the coalition, the defeat of the CDU and FDP in recent state elections and the personnel upheavals in the FDP, the debate in parliament on a policy statement by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel a moderate course.

The speaker of the opposition were the subject of "Government Statement on G-8 summit on 26-27. May 2011 in Deauville, "which was perhaps also because the beginning of the meeting - was scheduled for the unusual time 8.30 clock - because Mrs Merkel's departure to France. In general terms, and without provisions in detail, the program was Mrs Merkel of the G-8 meeting before - with the focus of change in Arab countries, which was to help now.

(See also: Before the G-8 Summit: Merkel says Arab countries in transition aid to) listen Rösler: Chancellor Merkel talking to Westerwelle your rejection of a debt relief to Egypt, as he was about announced by the American President Obama, she opened indirect method clear. She did not mention.

You left it in an announcement that stretched over four years were 300 million euros as part of a "Partnership for Employment" will be made available. The rhetorical sharpest attack of the day was within narrow limits. "No one forced you here this morning to deliver a policy statement. But I think if you leave, the Parliament has earned more than this dispassionate statement of accounts, "said Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the SPD party chairman.

It was a parliamentary meeting full of firsts. was the first time since the black-yellow coalition on the government benches not Westerwelle next to the Chancellor, but the new Vice Chancellor, Minister Rösler (FDP). The expression of the two judging by Rösler enjoyed that fact more than its predecessor.

The first time, Rainer Brüderle spoke in his capacity as FDP chairman, and because Steinmeier accused the Chancellor to have suggested fear of defeat, not a German candidate for the office of the Chief of the International Monetary Fund, countered Brüderle, Steinmeier pursuing selfish goals and want to be competitors for the SPD chancellor candidate, Peer Steinbrück, return into international realms.

Steinmeier sought eye contact with Steinbrück, who waved cheerfully from the back rows of the SPD's chairman. Mrs Merkel took care of winners and losers. After Brüderle speech, in which the latter had its entry into the group of euro countries have "red-green" accused of a handshake, congratulated the new FDP Chairman, what was this happy, smiling contrary.

Mrs Merkel later sat for long periods with Brüderle predecessor, Birgit Homburger in the back row of the FDP parliamentary group together - which is usually a signal of political consensus for the photographers. In any case, the often fractious coalition politicians sought to praise each other.

Mrs Merkel thanked the Development Aid Minister Niebel, because the care is the development of African countries and also the Foreign Minister Westerwelle for its commitment to a Syrian resolution in the UN Security Council. She praised Kauder, because I cared about the situation in Cairo, the Coptic Christians, and Kauder praised Merkel for the concept of an educational partnership project with Egypt.

He had certainly take note of his proposal to grant debt relief to Egypt, would be rejected by the federal government and was in the parliamentary debate only by the speaker of the Greens, Frithjof Schmidt supported. It was striking, finally, that Gregor Gysi in the ranks of the FDP parliamentary group and went quite a while and talked with many gestures Brüderle.

You are now parliamentary leader colleagues.

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