Sunday, May 1, 2011

UNITED STATES - A Wikileaks for Conservatives

American conservatives now have their own Wikileaks. They hope soon to make revelations about Obama, reports The New York Times. Their site called Wikicountability (contraction of "accountability", accountability, and "wiki") shares the same ambition as their model, they oblige the authorities to transparency.

Wikicountability was launched in late March by Crossroads GPS, a political grouping headed by Karl Rove among others, former close adviser to George W. Bush. "Although new items are posted every day, the documents do not come so far only a handful of contributors," says The New York Times.

"The first article set the tone: a list of union leaders met in 2009 by the American secretary at work, Hilda Solis, and details of 404 000 dollars spent on advertising of Medicare, the health insurance system of public government intended for the poor and pensioners.

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