Sunday, May 1, 2011

CHINA - We are all Ai Weiwei

Here is a selection of comments posted on the Web by many commentators and lawyers, following the arrest of Ai Weiwei: Peng Xiaoyun [journalist récemme t dismissed from his post as managing editor of opinion pages of the weekly Cantonese Shidai Zhoubao]: "Ai has shown how an artist could fit into society.

He overturned the traditional image of the intellectual in China, which has erased the look pedantic scholar, able to maintain a balance to get to safety. His field of vision is not confined to China. He is a friendly and humorous, who knows the limits of the civic movement. This is not a revolutionary.

"Yet the current authorities are trying to make him a political opponent." Wuyue SanReN [journalist, blogger]: "Trying to eliminate all dissent and lead the country into a reign of terror and people disappear without a trace, it is not glorious (as no golden age has been introduced to bayonets and batons), or durable as evidenced by numerous previous failures that should be a lesson.

The rest we will provide yet further evidence. " Zhai Minglei [journalist, columnist]: "For me, Ai Weiwei, the man who is interested in civic society, is the most prominent civic personality I have ever met. He has compiled a list of students who disappeared during the earthquake of Wenchuan [Sichuan in 2008] he took his pen to intervene in the case Yang Jia [sentenced to death for the murder of policemen, in 2008]; He fought many battles with great panache.

Instead of being embedded in a police van, someone like him deserves to be called to the podium to replace these beasts with a human face that set themselves up as a paragon of virtue. Certainly, the risk exists that Ai be the finger at everyone he could overthrown! "Pu Zhiqiang [lawyer]:" In Case Yang Jia, he demanded that justice be done.

After the human catastrophe of the earthquake in Sichuan, he has advanced the investigation. When Tan Zuoren [author of a survey of schools in Sichuan] was imprisoned, he was beaten for trying to testify. When his assistant Yanping Liu was arrested, he flew to his rescue. When artists were threatened with expulsion, he rushed down the street.

When fire swept through a residential tower street Jiaozhou [Shanghai], he went there to learn the truth. When Qian Yunhui had a tragic end [peasants crushed by a truck in 2010], he faced the media. When he was there, it seemed that it made no difference to the morals and manners of our society, yet its absence changes everything! When it will reappear tomorrow, I must face him, so I can not keep silent! "What did Ai Weiwei? Understanding Ai Weiwei is very simple: his articles, his blog, his documentaries are available and widely circulated on the Web.

Certainly, works of Ai Weiwei is not always of his hand, it is not always the one who holds the camera, but I mean by "works of Ai Weiwei" those he led . He shot much video, posted numerous articles, encouraged his friends to go online, encouraging citizens to participate. He used a very large number of artistic processes to enable all to participate.

It 's acts not to adhere to a concept but to say: "I have an idea and that idea, you too can implement it without taking too many risks that!". Today I me even posted two tweets: "Ai Weiwei was arrested. Maybe he will return in a few days or maybe in a few years! But behind him there are probably hundreds of thousands of observers.

Among them, there is a majority of people born between 80 and 90. And there are many people of his age [53 years], ready to replace him. Ai Weiwei has left its audience, and in this audience, many of them can continue to live the ideals of Ai Weiwei and apply them. In this sense we can say Ai Weiwei has won the battle without having to fight.

"Today, I have not seen Ai Weiwei on Twitter. But today, everyone can become Ai Weiwei. If you like, live like him! love him as your spouse, your friends, your children, your cat, dog, all these suffering people and talk to them! All these "you", you will become Ai Weiwei. China will no longer be a "desert of Mahler" You are the founder of the dynasty of "horse grass and mud, you can watch with pride your descendants evolve and become adults - Chinese happy !

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