Sunday, May 1, 2011

Three terrorists arrested in Germany

The three alleged members of al-Qaeda arrested Friday in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (West Germany) had concrete plans to attack in the country, German federal prosecutors said. Deputy Prosecutor Rainer Griesbaum said the three men intended to provoke a major explosion in a place where they met a lot of people, following the pattern of attack of 11 March 2004 in Madrid.

Griesbaum said that it appears that had not yet selected a target and the group was in a phase of experimentation. One of the three detainees, Griesbaum said, may have been commissioned by a leader of Al Qaeda to perpetrate an attack in Germany. Everything indicates that the target of the attacks could be in North Rhine-Westphalia and more specifically in or around Düsseldorf.

According to the chairman of the Federal Criminal Office, Joerg Ziercke, the main suspect was in Germany since 2010 and had contacts with Austria, Kosovo and Morocco. Police said the detainees were seized a large quantity of explosive material with which, according to Interior Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, "was averted a real threat of international terrorism." According to information from the Second German TV channel, the three men arrested are between 29 and 31 years: two Germans (one Moroccan and one Iranian) and another Moroccan who had received training in an al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan .

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