Sunday, May 1, 2011

800 immigrants arriving from Africa to the Italian island of Lampedusa

Rome .- A boat from Libya with about 360 immigrants arrived this morning to the Italian island of Lampedusa, where the Coast Guard had to come to the rescue of another vessel with about 500 people. According to Italian media, the landing of about 360 immigrants came in the islet of rabbits, an area of nature reserve belonging to Lampedusa.

In addition, three Coast Guard cutters had to bail out another boat from Libya with nearly 500 passengers, which was sighted about ten miles south of Lampedusa and towed to the island, where there are now some 2,000 illegal immigrants. The Italian media, citing a number of immigrant arrivals in Lampedusa last hours, ensure that yet another boat with 500 illegal immigrants has launched an SOS signal from Maltese waters of competition.

The worsening sea conditions in the Channel of Sicily has led Italian authorities to mobilize a greater number of means to monitor the arrival of barges, which resumed on Thursday afternoon after more than a week of truce. Only on Friday reached Lampedusa over a thousand undocumented, which makes complicated the situation after the aerial and naval prepared by the Government of Silvio Berlusconi had managed to move migrants to other parts of Italy and almost completely empty shelter of the island.

Last night, 800 illegal immigrants from sub-Saharan origin and traveling from Libya to Lampedusa aboard two boats made it to land after being rescued by the Coast Guard Finance and several miles south of the island. They have to add the 267 illegal immigrants who, after leaving Libya, arrived at around 14.00 local time Friday (12.00 GMT), after being rescued by Italian agents.

From the town of Desio, Interior Minister Roberto Maroni last night linked the new wave of illegal immigrants arriving in Lampedusa with the addition of Italian military aircraft to the Allied bombing raids on Libya issue that his party, the Northern League (LN) Berlusconi partner, disagrees.

"On Thursday, Italian bombing began. Today (yesterday) from Libya have reached more than 800 refugees, pumps as illegal immigrants, as written (the newspaper related to LN) 'La Padania' and is being verified," said Maroni , in remarks today reflects the Milan daily Corriere della Sera. " The last landing of which were known in Lampedusa until last Thursday came on 19 April when a barge arrived from Libya with 760 people in sub-Saharan origin.

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