Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rio de Janeiro is preparing to develop the slums before the Olympic Games

Rio de Janeiro .- The International Olympic Committee (IOC, in English), Jacques Rogge urged Brazilian authorities to urbanize favelas of Rio de Janeiro before the 2016 Olympics, said Monday the mayor , Eduardo Paes. "The IOC president asked me to transform the informal settlements. I said it was a superimagen for the Olympic movement which Urbanic all these areas so that all people live in decent conditions," Paes said in a speech.

According to the politician, Rogge said it would be "fantastic" that this objective could be completed in 2016, although not forming part of the legacy of the Olympic plans of the Brazilian city. The president of the IOC visited a favela carioca last December, when he was in Rio to lay the cornerstone of the Olympic Village.

Displaced families in the same speech, Paes pledged Monday to make up to 2020 a plan to develop 378 favelas provides more than 100 inhabitants, which was launched last year. That project, called 'Morar Carioca' ('Living Carioca'), also plans to eliminate a further 123 favelas in areas of danger of collapse, forcing to evacuate about 13,000 families, according to official estimates.

The development program will require investments of about 5,000 million dollars and will benefit the majority of the 625 slums of the city, many of which have no sewerage and other basic infrastructure.

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