Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Japan will rebuild 10 years

The reconstruction of Japanese cities and towns devastated by the earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11 could be concluded within ten years, as affirmed on Tuesday the Council for the Reconstruction Plan, which advises the Government Japan. "During the first three years shall work such as rebuilding roads and temporary dwellings," stated June Iio, an official of the Council which was formed after the disaster.

NGO says it could take another four years to rebuild the villages destroyed, and even longer to make a full recovery. "We must bear in mind that the area affected by the disaster is much greater than Kobe," said in reference to the Japanese city was leveled by an earthquake in 1995. The earthquake and tsunami of March fell to ruin a large area in the northeast, killing at least 13,000 people, forced 130,000 others to flee their homes and stay in shelters and caused a damage estimated at 300,000 million, approx.

The Council stated that the disaster has highlighted the shortcomings of a centralized form of government and has called for greater regional autonomy. He highlighted the importance of reconstruction efforts transcend political divisions in a country where the fragile political truce motivated by the disaster did not last long.

The President of the Council and the National Defence Academy, Makoto Iokibe, said "reconstruction are above political issues." "We seek the views of opposition parties and the ruling party," he suggested. The Japanese government on Friday approved to allocate 33,000 million euros for reconstruction.

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