Friday, April 15, 2011

Morocco frees three Sahrawi activists imprisoned for 18 months

The Court of First Instance in Casablanca has decided, after a trial extended several times, the provisional release of three Saharawi activists arrested in October 2009 and accused of "threatening internal security" of Morocco. The three Sahrawi are still in prison, but prison officials said his release from prison could occur on Thursday, the very day that the activists had decided to launch its ninth prison hunger strike to demand a fair trial, after more than year and a half in prison.

Ali Salem Tamek, Ibrahim Ahmed Naciri Dahhane and formed part of the Group of Seven, along with four others, including a woman, Dakcha Lachguer-released in October 2009 and were arrested in Casablanca airport on his return from the camps refugees from Tindouf in southern Algeria. "We presented the request for provisional release for a long time.

And this court's decision shows that either have enough evidence to bring charges against them," said Mohamed Sadqo, attorney for the Saharawi. "It's a positive step that probably occurs in a context of pressure on the Moroccan authorities said. Initially, the military court in Rabat militants indicted" espionage "and then your file was transferred to the correctional division of the court of Casablanca .

Before granting bail, the case of the seven Saharawi has been postponed several times by the Court of First Instance in Casablanca. The issues that the judge raised the militants during the various hearings focused on the reasons and modalities of financing your stay in Tindouf, where they met with officials of the Polisario Front.

NGOs Amnesty International and Human Rights Watsh (HRW) had repeatedly asked the Moroccan authorities "to release the three activists saharawi." Enexionó Morocco Western Sahara in 1975. The Polisario, supported mainly by Algeria announced a referendum on self-determination under UN auspices.

Morocco, for its part, proposes a plan for broad autonomy under its sovereignty, rejecting any notion d 'independence.

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