Friday, April 15, 2011

Arrested two suspects in connection with the subway attack in Minsk

Moscow. .- The Belarus security forces have arrested two suspects in connection with the terrorist attack on Monday in Minsk subway that left 12 dead and nearly two hundred injured. With these and are 5 people who have been arrested for an attack that shocked the Belarusian city. "He (the attack) has been arrested and his accomplices identified.

They have less than 30 years, are citizens of Belarus and no criminal record," said Andrei Shved today, Deputy Prosecutor of Belarus, according to Russian news agencies. The two new detainees are in addition to the three arrested on Tuesday, including the alleged perpetrator of the explosion at rush hour in the central metro station 'Oktiábraskaya', not far from the presidential residence.

The prosecutor added that a security camera recorded the face of the bomber, whose motive be determined in the course of the investigation. The officials showed reporters video recorded by cameras of the Metropolitan which is how the bomber chose a strategic location situated in the middle of the hall between the two platforms of the station to leave the bag with the bomb.

Shved, who heads the task force created to investigate the attack, terrorism experts said the Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB) in Russia have come to Minsk to cooperate with local authorities. According to the Interior Ministry, police have seized in the past 48 hours nearly 600 weapons that were not registered.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, announced yesterday the arrest of the perpetrators of Minsk metro at the hands of State Security Committee (KGB). "The crime has been solved. The detainees confessed not only the terrorist act in the metro, but also the attacks on Independence Day (2008) and in the city of Vitebsk (2005)," he said.

Lukashenko, who was re-elected in a disputed presidential election last December, threatened the democratic opposition to a new crackdown by his statements against the state in connection with the attack. Belarus is the only European country that still applies the death penalty, why has never been a member of the Council of Europe.

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