Friday, April 15, 2011

Clinton says U.S. remain in Libya until Qaddafi fall

Berlin .- The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, on Thursday urged NATO countries to maintain the "unity" because, she said, the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is trying to prove the "determination" allies in its military operation against its forces. "While continuing our mission, we maintain our resolve and unity is increasingly important," said Clinton before the foreign ministers of NATO, meeting in Berlin today and tomorrow, before the last signs of dissension among the allies.

"Qaddafi is testing our resolve," he underlined. Clinton's remarks came after queFrancia and Britain have claimed that NATO do more to contain the forces of Gaddafi. According to the Secretary of State, the international coalition is "increasing pressure and deepening the isolation of the regime of Gaddafi." In this respect, encouraged to "reduce the choices available to those around him." "We need to tighten the noose around the inner circle to Gaddafi by the freezing of assets, travel bans and other punishments.

We need to work with neighboring Libya to implement aggressively the arms embargo to Gaddafi can not send new supplies to their forces, "he defended. On the other hand, reiterated the U.S. commitment to the military campaign against Gaddafi. "America is committed to our shared mission. We strongly support the coalition until our work is completed, "he asserted.

Also, Qaddafi has called again to stop the attacks and withdraw its forces, restore vital services to citizens and allow the passage of humanitarian aid." Gadhafi knows what to do. While not comply with these demands, NATO will bomb their forces within these areas, "he said." We see Qaddafi leave.

Only then could prosper a viable transition ", has been influential. Clinton has also expressed concern over the" atrocities "that are taking place in Misrata, third largest city and one that the rebels control in the West." We are taking action to response and those responsible will be held accountable, "he assured.

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