Friday, April 15, 2011

Berlusconi ruled out for re-election in 2013

ROME .- Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has ruled out re-election filed for the office of the current parliamentary term in 2013, and noted the current Justice Minister Angelino Alfano, as a possible successor. The Italian press today reflects the content of a dinner held in Berlusconi on Tuesday night with foreign journalists in Rome.

"My project is to complete the term and then, despite having the most beautiful boat in the Caribbean, followed by politics. But not to an operational role in the government," Berlusconi said during the dinner, told the newspaper that today includes Italy's La Repubblica. "If the polls show that I can serve," he added, could limit myself to lead my party list and then make noble father, "ie, from progressing to an honorary position in training which leads and governs in Italy since 2008 The People of Freedom (PDL).

This announcement has generated a stir in Italy, where Prime Minister, 74, had repeatedly expressed its intention to make way for younger people, among which was to speculate, even with the name of any of their children. The fact that Berlusconi appointed as a possible successor to Alfano (Agrigento, 1970), responsible for promoting judicial shields and controversial laws that have kept him away from the courts, has caught a bit by surprise to the Italian media and even to some members of his party, who were quick to qualify these statements.

Berlusconi's spokesman, Paolo Bonaiuti, said the comment made by the president is just a "reasoning", a reflection which has been an "excessive focus." "One thing is to make an argument and quite another to make absolutely sure that argument. It is not safe conclusions. If, however, these reflections will take them as absolute truth, consolidated, it is not.

No is an announcement, "said Bonaiuti, told today reflects the Italian press. For its part, the LDP coordinator, Denis Verdini, defined the words of Berlusconi as a "state of mind of the president" rather than an official announcement. These words of Italian Prime Minister correspondents in Rome come when Berlusconi faces four criminal proceedings in Milan, including the controversial case Ruby, to be stripped of their last legal shield partially invalidated by the Constitutional Court in January.

The government managed to pass the House yesterday (now goes to the Senate) so-called law of "short process, promoted by the very Alfano and shortens statute of limitations, which the trial Berlusconi for alleged Mills corruption in judicial acts may be terminated soon.

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