Friday, April 15, 2011

Israeli Justice informed Lieberman has decided to charge him for fraud

After ten years of intense research, interviews and many suspicions, the Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has received the news Wednesday that they feared. The state attorney general and adviser to the Government, Yehuda Weinstein, announced his intention to bring to court on charges as serious as fraud, money laundering, abuse of trust and obstruction of justice.

His only consolation is that the indictment does not include charges such as bribery, as the researchers noted. Before being tried, there will be a confrontation with the attorney general will be essential not only for the future of Lieberman, but the Israeli government. At this hearing, Lieberman has to convince of his innocence Weinstein not to be charged.

"I always acted within the law so there is no reason for concern," the minister said Wednesday in his first reaction, which did not announce his resignation. Year and a half ago, when police recommended take you to court for numerous offenses, money laundering, corruption, bribery, obstruction of justice and harassment of witnesses, Lieberman announced he would resign from the Government and Parliament in case of complaint.

Several legal experts and political analysts are virtually certain they leave the government. Also endangered his candidacy in the upcoming elections. Lieberman is the major partner of the Likud, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Leading his party, the ultra-nationalist Israel Beitenu (with great success among immigrants from the former USSR) won 15 of the 120 seats in Parliament in the 2009 elections.

"While there is much criticism, Lieberman will continue as foreign minister until the conclusion of the hearing Weinstein," he said in his party to a long-awaited news time and will have important consequences in case the undiplomatic Lieberman should stop head of Israeli diplomacy.

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