Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Charlene wanted to get away from Albert" The Principality: "The Express has lied '

"The bride wanted to escape." "And 'only journalistic invention." Q & A between the French weekly l'Express and the authorities of the Principality of Monaco on an alleged crisis between Albert II of Monaco and girlfriend Charlene Wittstock to marry on July 2.

Grimaldi Palace has categorically denied rumors of an attempted escape of the former South African swimmer, just days before the fateful yes, as reported by the French weekly l'Express on its website.  "A few days after the wedding ceremony of His Royal Highness Prince Albert with Charlene Wittstock, the Palais Princier formally denies the allegations appeared lying on the Express site," according to a note of the press office of the Palazzo Grimaldi.

"These items have only the goal to be prejudicial to the image of the Sovereign - a brief statement continues - and as a result and Mrs. Wittstock and create a serious problem in view of this happy event." According to the Express, but the 33-year-Wittstock few days ago he tried to catch a flight, "one way" to South Africa after it became aware of a revelation that has shocked about the likely behavior of the husband.

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