Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kabul suicide bomber attacked the hotel of Westerners. Battle in the night

The Intercontinental, the largest hotel in Kabul, was attacked Tuesday evening around 23 from an unknown number of Taliban killed or wounded, according to preliminary information of the media, at least a dozen people, including a Canadian diplomat, but it is feared a massacre. Local broadcaster said that the Taliban are opposing a "stiff resistance" to the Afghan security forces.

Arrived on site are also U.S. soldiers. Machine guns and rockets were fired from the roof of the building. In action, a team of suicide bombers and snipers in Afghanistan has forced the military to storm the Hotel. Witnesses reported hearing several shots fired. Another eyewitness reported that the attack at the time of the attack, the restaurant was "full of people." He said - as reported by NBC - Jawid, a hotel guest, who fled with his family by jumping out a window on the first floor.

The attack, already claimed by the Taliban, was taken by many men with heavy and light weapons, among them, according to U.S. media, there were two to six suicide bombers. According to unconfirmed information, at least one managed to blow himself up on the second floor, while others are doing terrorists broke into the room, shooting all Westerners.

A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid said in a phone call, while still hear gunfire and explosions, the militants have already killed at least 50 guests. But the news could not be confirmed by police or by independent sources. A journalist who was not far from the hotel said that the Intercontinental is now in the dark and the electricity jumped all over the neighborhood.

Police and security forces have surrounded and sealed off the area with the help of American soldiers, ambulances rushed to close but so far it seems that it was possible to evacuate any wounded. The people fled to avoid the terrorists have succeeded and are free while others were held hostage by the command.

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