Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yemen, on alert after more than 52 dead in protest

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh has declared a state of emergency. "The National Defense Council declares state of emergency in the country", has announced Saleh, who also chairs this instance. At the same hearing, expected after the riots that took place this morning and have killed 46 people (as reported by the Al Arabiyya) and wounded another hundred, the leader has expressed his sadness at the shooting which occurred during Friday prayers.

"I regret these deaths," we believe "martyrs of democracy" said the president. This measure was announced after suspected loyalists opened fire on demonstrators in Sanaa, calling for the end of President Saleh, in power for 32 years. According to medical sources, besides the 52 dead over 200 injured in the bloodiest day since the start of the protests in this country.

The tense situation in the country has become the first resignation in the Yemeni government, the tourism minister has resigned and has been discharged from his party after the death of dozens of protesters. "I've given the Government and the General Popular Congress party," said Minister Nabil Hasan al-Faqih, ensuring that the decision was due to "recent events." An upsurge of violence in Sana'a, the reactions have not been slow to appear.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for "the cessation of violence" in Yemen. The French Government also condemned the attack on the demonstrators. "We deeply regret the high number of casualties," said French Foreign Minister in a statement. "It is imperative to stop the attacks by the armed forces and supporters of the regime demonstrators who only exercised their right to freedom of expression and manifestation."

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